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Perfect understanding of the specific needs and demands of private sector


Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of LYRITIS BIOLINE S.A. is defined by the following points:

  • The quality of its products is of major importance to the Society.
  • Primary target and concern of LYRITIS BIOLINE S.A. is to deliver products which satisfy the requirements of both Greek and European Law.

The Administration of LYRITIS BIOLINE S.A. gas defined a Quality Policy in line with its philosophy and the market’s needs and complies with the current, relevant National and European Community Law.

The aim of this Policy is to provide services which satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers and the increasing requirements, as it has always done ever since its establishment.

In order to achieve the above targets, LYRITIS BIOLINE S.A. has studied and applied a Quality Management System according to the EN ISO 9001 Standard which is a strong administrative instrument, addressing and commercializing in vitro diagnostic products and ensuring the following:

  • Increase the quality level of our offered services.
  • Prolepsis and immediate correction of any possible mistakes.
  • Continuous development of our infrastructure and personnel.
  • The possibility to recall products that have been distributed to customers if such a thing is necessary.
  • Collection of necessary data which concern customer satisfaction in order to quantitate our short-term and long-term targets.
  • Harmonization of our operations to the current European and Greek Law.
  • Company commitment that all above will be a part of our everyday work and the only reason accepted to modify the quality of the offered services will be the effort to optimize them.

The responsibility for the expression of Quality Policy via the Quality Procedures, the monitoring of its implementation and the coordination of the operations in the whole Company has been assigned to the Quality Management Officer who has been provided all means and assets.

The efficiency of the System is verified periodically with internal inspections, preventive measures are taken and corrective actions are made whenever it is required.

LYRITIS BIOLINE S.A. has harmonized its quality policy to the current National and European Law.