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Eight decades of continuous operations in the medical field


LYRITIS BIOLINE S.A. was established in 1938 by George Lyritis. Ever since, holds a protagonistic role in the medical field, operating in the diagnostics and respiratory fields.

In its history, the company was always customer-orientated aiming at offering services of the highest level.

Today, the company possesses a rigid infrastructure and internal organization having adopted the most contemporary business administration methods. The personnel are highly qualified and each person has the necessary virtues for its job position and meets the market’s requirements. The continuous personnel training and the effort for a constant optimization of the offered services are grass roots to its aim for continuous evolution. This is quite obvious to the customer who enjoys the immense and effective technical and scientific support.

LYRITIS BIOLINE S.A., thanks to its perfectly organized network, with nodular points in Thessaloniki, Patras and Heraklion, covers commercially and provides services to whole Greece.


After all, the company’s robust financial status makes private and public sector customers feel safe and secure. In addition, the many years’ experience, its robust financial status which is depicted in its balance sheets convey a sense of safety and security to prominent foreign companies which seek every chance to co-operate. They consider it a strategic partner, a valuable associate whose continuous contribution and assistance allows unhindered operations in the healthcare sector and reward them with recognition and awards.

LYRITIS BIOLINE S.A. cooperates with internationally acknowledged foreign companies and offers products and services of the highest quality.