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Technical services provider and scientific counselor

PRODUCTS - Products

LYRITIS BIOLINE S.A. operates in the medical field since 1938 importing in Greece technological advanced systems and offering high quality services.

Today, via direct distributorships or local partnerships, the company is capable of providing the majority of systems and other products necessary for the operation of the clinical laboratory. With the largest range of haematology analysers and internationally recognized biochemistry systems and every kind of clinical chemistry, microbiology reagents, disposables and general laboratory equipment serves as a strong base for cooperation for a clinical laboratory.

Regarding the lung function systems, LYRITIS BIOLINE S.A. has offered equipment to many generations of pulmonologists and will carry on by their side maintaining its protagonist role.

Clinical Chemistry
Consumables and equipment
LYRITIS BIOLINE S.A. cooperates with internationally acknowledged foreign companies and offers products and services of the highest quality.